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Emails sent to Senator Obama…
8/6/07 - Senator - What we need is dialog that leads toward Peace, NOT threats to invade Pakistan (or any other country for that matter). I believe you made a huge tactical error which has alienated many people who may have voted for you. There is no way you can talk your way out of this mess or defend your warlike position. If you truly want to do something, how about leaning on Israel to bring about a settlement with the Palestinians? America's undying, one-sided support of Israel is one of the leading causes that brought us to this point. Four days ago I sent a letter to all 43 Jewish members of Congress. While several have acknowledged receipt, none have pointed out the very obvious error in the first line of the letter which leads me to believe no one in Washington actually reads Citizen mail, no do they actually care.
Thomas Daly

8/10/07 - In your reply to me today, you say, "Thank you for contacting Senator Obama about his plans to protect America from terrorism.  Senator Obama laid out a comprehensive plan for a new 21st century foreign policy that was hailed by foreign policy and human rights experts as a reasonable, balanced approach that would defend America and rebuild our relationships and credibility abroad..."
"We encourage you to look beyond the headlines and read about the
Senator’s plan here:"
I read all 8 pages - 3570 words - AND, not one word about Israel and
Palestine! Again I will say, If you truly want to do something, how about leaning on Israel to bring about a settlement with the Palestinians?
America's undying, one-sided support of Israel is one of the leading causes that brought us to this point.
I've listened to all of the debates and no one has asked about Israel and there has been no discussion on the subject. Senator Obama and the rest of the candidates are deathly afraid to even mention Israel for fear that AIPAC will climb all over them!
Once again I ask you to read the letter I sent to all 43 Jewish members of Congress
Thomas Daly

8/14/07 - Senator - In your latest reply to my questions about the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, you say, "...What is needed is a far more vigorous U.S. diplomatic effort to help them achieve it.  But the current administration has sat on the sidelines for far too long.  As president, I would make a personal commitment to this effort."
You go on to say, "Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East, and we are obligated to help ensure its security.  A negotiated peace with the Palestinians would make Israel more secure and allow the Palestinians to achieve their goal of an independent state.  We should be doing more to strengthen Palestinian leaders who support a two-state solution, isolate those who seek Israel's destruction, and help the two sides reach negotiated solutions to all outstanding issues."
You say you will make "a personal commitment to this effort." Does that commitment include adding it to your 8-page Policy Statement? Does that commitment mean being honest in giving the Palestinians, ALL Palestinians, a fair hearing? If there is to be peace in the region, it will ONLY happen if everyone is invited to discuss the numerous issues. There will never be peace if the U.S. continues its decidedly one-sided support of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and the rest of the world. The U.S. pressed the Palestinians to hold fair and open democratic elections. They did that and, unfortunately, the U.S. didn't like the "democratic" outcome and refused to play. Rather than sit down and negotiate with ALL Palestinians, the U.S. has now helped Israel drive a wedge between Palestinian factions. It will NEVER work! There needs to be, indeed, there must be peace in the Middle East and the U.S. holds all the cards and all the keys to solve the problem. It will take special leadership to bring that about.
Thank you, Thomas Daly

2nd Email 8/13/07Senator - As a follow up to the email I sent earlier today, I just received an interesting article which further illustrates my point that the U.S. is harming the peace process rather than supporting it. I hope you will take the time to read this most informative article: A Palestinian Miracle At The UN?
By Ramzy Baroud
13 August, 2007
Thank you again, Thomas Daly

4/21/08 - Senator – I am an ardent supporter of your candidacy and I sincerely hope you go all the way. It is a nightmare to even think of America under Republican control for even one day beyond George Bush. My wife and I have made several contributions to your campaign and will continue to do so, but I must take issue with you for recent comments you have made. I hope you are not falling into the political trap of letting the lobbyists dictate your campaign responses. You recently said that Hamas did not represent a state and President Carter was wrong to meet with a representative of Hamas. You also called Hugo Chavez a dictator. While I don't agree with some Hamas positions or with Chavez's positions, I must remind you that both “were” elected in democratically correct elections. Unfortunately the U.S. does not support those elections and, rather than work with these people, has thrown up roadblock after roadblock against them.
America's undying support of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians is shameful. For too long the U.S. Government has allowed itself to be bamboozled by PACS such as AIPAC. If Israel really wanted peace with the Palestinians, they would withdraw to the 1967 borders rather than continue to build new settlements in Palestinian territory. For you to throw Carter under the bus, it demonstrates to me that you are not really ready to solve the Middle East problem.
As to Chavez, he was elected simply because the U.S. has for the past half century walked all over Latin American countries. The U.S. installed and supported terrible dictators like candy. The result is coming home to roost as more and more countries are taking control of their own future. Chavez, while no saint, certainly is not a dictator and you are wrong to echo the “official,” read George Bush, position on him.
All along you have said you were willing to meet with people America disagrees with. I fail to see any reason for your sudden change of position. Carter talked with Hamas because America refuses. Other countries are embracing Chavez because the U.S. refuses. You say you want to be the President for Change. To me that means a President who “will” meet and talk to all comers and also a President who “will not” let outside interests dictate the direction that both you and I know America must take.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

5/10/08 - Senator - I have written to you before about your flawed position on Israeli/Palestinian Peace. You have recently said several times that you would NOT talk to Hamas and you have a similar position paper on your website. I call your attention to this article in the Jerusalem Post and hope you will read it:
The article reads in part, "Two American peace organizations, Jewish Voice for Peace and Just Foreign Policy, presented former US President Jimmy Carter with a petition Thursday supporting his mid-April meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal.
The petition, which will be presented to the remaining Democratic and Republican presidential candidates next week, was signed by 5,000 members of the two groups."
Please do not let your wonderful campaign be swayed by the efforts of a handful of Zionists who will do anything to prevent peace in the Middle East. As the petition says, 64% of Israelis support talks with Hamas.
Peace in the Middle East should be one of your top priorities when you become president, however I would rather see you lose the election than see you cave into the AIPAC line. Please do the right thing!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

5/11/08 - Senator - Another major Israeli newspaper is trumpting the message that Israelis and Palestinians want direct talks with Hamas:
From that article: "Sixty-four percent of Israelis say the government must hold direct talks with the Hamas government in Gaza toward a cease-fire and the release of captive soldier Gilad Shalit. Less than one-third (28 percent) still opposes such talks.
The figures were obtained in a Haaretz-Dialog poll conducted Tuesday under the supervision of Professor Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University.
According to the findings, Israelis are fed up with seven years of Qassam rockets falling on Sderot and the communities near Gaza, as well as the fact that Shalit has been held captive for more than a year and a half."
Furthermore, in a poll taken by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO). 73 per cent of respondents are in favour of a truce.
The only thing preventing real peace is a handful of Zionists who, unfortunately, have long been supported by a misinformed U.S. Government. Again, I hope you will rethink your position of not talking to Hamas.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

5/27/08 - Senator – Hooray! You're almost there! And it should be cause for celebration, but you appear to be on the verge of selling your soul in order to appeal to small blocks of voters and this saddens me.
I know that the Israeli PACs represent an enormous amount of influence and I know you must walk as on eggshells around the subject of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but you are playing the part of the fool if you truly believe peace can be attained without including Hamas and Hazbolla. For 60 years Israelis have occupied Palestine and, with U.S. support, they have constantly stirred the pot of discontent. President Carter should be an ally of yours rather than be the person you continue to throw under the bus simply because he tells the truth!
The second group you are dancing around is the aging Cuban-American vote. To not have normalized relations with Cuba is terrible. For 50 years the American Government has clearly demonstrated that they are suffering from a collective erection against Fidel Castro. We're on the brink of normalizing relations with North Korea. We long ago normalized relations with Libya, Vietnam, and China. And yet, we somehow cannot reconcile our minor differences with Cuba? In you latest speech, you complained about human rights violations by Cuba, and while there are some, they pale in relation to the human rights violations the U.S. is practicing on Cuban soil at Guantanamo.
If you become President, and I sincerely hope you do, I hope you will act differently than you are speaking. I hope what you are saying is not what you are truly intending to do. I would rather you lose the election than you bargain away parts of your soul to obtain the presidency.
One more thing – Hillary Clinton does NOT belong on the ticket with you! As stated above, I sincerely hope that you will not let the “Party” buffalo you into selecting Hillary as your Vice President. If you do, I can guarantee that it will be something you will regret as long as you live. Please do NOT sellout!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/3/08 - Senator – The media are rattling their sabers to influence you to “pick” Hillary Clinton as your Vice President. Senator Clinton represents the exact opposite of everything we believe you to be. Please do NOT let the “powers that be”  force you into  this terrible alliance. To do so will not only harm your presidency, it will greatly undermine everything you “Hope” to accomplish. Senator Clinton does NOT represent Change!
Thomas & Jo Ann Daly

5/6/08 - Obama for America
****We urge you to NOT select Hilliary as your V.P.****
She now appears to be in effect blackmailing you, as if she holds all "17 million plus" voters in her power as their General.   That is nonsense. I believe her to be unscrupulous, devious and calculating-basically a female version of Dick Cheney-and you would have to be constantly watching your back with Bill & Hilliary in the White House. (We do Not respect her, and think she ran a terrible campaign!)
I believe the American people are basically good and decent people of good character. When they hear you and learn of your visions and can assess your character they will support you.  We want the Change you  speak so brilliantly about, we want a better world for our grandchildren, for all children.
There are many honorable and qualified women & men to select for your very important V.P. We trust you to select one that will be a person you truly do respect and one of like character.
Sincerely, Jo Ann Eagle-Daly

6/16/08 - Senator - Why do you continue to insist that Hugo Chavez is a Dictator? You did it again last night during the Gore endorsement. While none of us agree with all of Chavez's moves, he was democratically elected more than once (more than you can say about the American Dictator George Bush).
Also, while you continue to say you will NOT talk to Hamas, Israel certainly IS and they are about to enter into a new peace agreement. This agreement was brought about through the negotiations led by Egypt.
In both of the above situations I fear that, rather than speaking the truth, you are simply parroting the "established" line(s). If the peace agreement is signed, I hope you will take the time to acknowledge and thank Hamas for their efforts.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/17/08 - The World People Organization
Senator - Currently the WTO is stuck in the important Doha Talks. When I look at all that is happening in the World, I realize that a WTO is not enough and it is not "the solution" governments are hoping for. What is needed is is a new organization, the WPO, or the WPTO. The P stands for PEOPLE and people are the "commodity" which has been totally left out of the WTO negotiations. People must become an integral part of the trade negotiations. Trade should not simply mean greater profits for multi-national corporations. Trade should not be able to destroy one country's economy to benefit another. Globalization and trade agreements MUST first take into account the effect on people. Rather than drive up the costs of food, governments should be assisting and encouraging their people back into sustainable crop production on small plots. (See this BBC article on what is happening in Cuba)
Not only is this approach providing needed food, it is also providing employment and income for people who desperately need it.
Another example would be to encourage companies like Nike to build smaller plants in many countries and make shoes for those local markets, providing local employment and strengthening the local economy.
Obviously there are numerous other ways to stimulate economies while also treating PEOPLE as something other than simply "consumers" or "customers."
I encourage you to explore these ideas and incorporate them into your campaign for Change!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/21/08 - Senator - Vote NO on the FISA Bill which gives Telecommunications immunity! I am dismayed and disappointed that the weak kneed House of Representatives caved into the crooked Bush doctrine and decided covering their own backsides is more important than the Constitution. Please have the courage to not support this assault upon the 4th Amendment!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/22/08 - Senator - This is the list from your Foreign Policy Page:
    * Ending the War in Iraq
    * Iran
    * Renewing American Diplomacy
    * Nuclear Weapons
    * Building a 21st Century Military
    * Bipartisanship and Openness
    * On Israel
    * On Africa
Within all of these topics I don't see a word about America's role and policies with Latin America. Having spent many years traveling throughout the entire area, I can tell you from my own personal observations that the actions of the United States on this vast area has been (and continues to be) devastating. In speeches you continue to complain about Hugo Chavez who is a kitten compared to the countless dictators the U.S. has supported over the years. Untold numbers of innocent people have died as a direct result of America's "Foreign Policy" in Latin America. Trade agreements such as NAFTA have destroyed local economies while enriching big corporate interests. I hope you will devote much more of your Foreign Policy statements to programs that will recognize and correct the ongoing problems in Latin America directly caused by America's wayward policies.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/22/08 - Senator - Regarding your Early Childhood and K-12 Education, the most important tool we can give young people is the ability to read and comprehend. Before it is possible to teach any other subject, students must be able to read well. Reading and comprehension , along with social skills, should be the only subjects taught until children are skilled and their minds can be opened to further learning. The social skills teach children to get along with others their age as well as working well with adults.
Many schools today are nothing more than glorified babysitting locations where testing is far more important than real knowledge.
On the subject of babysitting, I suggest that the U.S. enter into a program of training a number of "welfare" mothers to become child care providers who will watch and teach the children of other "welfare mothers" who will then be able to work. As an example, if the government paid 16 "welfare mothers" to work in child care centers, it would allow 84 other "welfare mothers" to join the workforce knowing that their children were safe and in good hands. I use the term "welfare mothers" to cover all sorts of situations where people are prevented from working because of the cost and unavailability of good child care.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/22/08 - Senator - Everyday I see more of our Civil Rights disappear and, sadly, Congress is complicit in the process. After 911 Congress quickly adopted, without reading, The Patriot Act which was anything but Patriotic! It should be repealed! Bush has all but eliminated habeas corpus and Congress continues to sit on their hands. The entire FISA bill should be unconstitutional and yet Congress continues to support and expand its scope. Prisons are being privatized, everyday new crimes are put on the books. The great bulk of prisoners in America are there for non violent victimless crimes. Their civil rights are being trampled. All drugs should be legalized and controlled just like liquor. The tax revenue gained could be used to help fund a "real" universal health plan.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

6/22/08 - Senator - This idea can also be applied to the Economy.
Way back in the early 60's my Father, faced with a huge financial burden of building schools in the growing district where he was Assistant Superintendent, discussed the problem over dinner on several occasions. These discussions lead to a proposal he and I concocted to present to the California Department of Education, which would have saved California school districts billions of dollars over the last 40 years.
The idea was to have a library of pre-approved plans, available in Sacramento where any school district could visit and select construction plans that fit their particular criteria. There would be many plans available and they could be mixed and matched to fit the need and the job site. Buildings could be oriented in any direction. In many cases windows could be moved from one side to another or added to both sides. Multi-purpose buildings could serve as gyms, cafeterias, and meeting halls. Buildings could be painted different colors.
We estimated that the average school district could have saved nearly one million dollars per school (in 1960), because the only costs, other than construction, would be in site development. Even the construction costs would be lower because contractors would not have to be continually trying to reinvent the wheel, so-to-speak, as they interpreted new plans. In many cases parts could be prefabbed and shipped cheaper than constructing them on site.
Dad composed a letter to the State School Board and the reply, which was very rapid, basically said not interested! Mention was made of alienating architects and taking control away from individual districts. The idea died and with it the chance for California taxpayers to save untold billions.
The idea still has merit and could be applied to all kinds of public buildings to save American taxpayers untold billions as well. Every library and federal courthouse does not have to be totally different. Look around you at the plethora of public buildings and you'll soon see that the opportunity to save in new construction is huge.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

7/2/08 - Senator - Regarding the pending FISA legislation which you say you intend to support, I agree with many of your reasons. However, since the Senate has put off a decision on this bill temporarily, I would, once again, urge you to vote NO.
Since Bush has only 6 more months to damage America and the World, I think it much better that Congress put off legislation on FISA until we have a new President (Obama) and, hopefully, a Democratic majority in the House AND Senate.
There is much talk today about the fact that the pending legislation does not grant any type of "criminal" immunity for telecommunications companies, and, therefore it may be alright to pass the bill now and let the "civil" immunity be adopted. If these companies can ever be found guilty of criminal violations, I fail to see why any legislator would want to grant them civil immunity in the rush to pass flawed legislation.
FISA and the entire package of "Patriotic" bills need to be thoroughly reviewed, revised, and rewritten. This should be a high priority of the 2009 Congressional session.  You say you are planning to vote for this terrible bill. Please, rethink your position, the Democratic Party's position and the World's opinions regarding this secretive court. Don't give Bush and his minions any additional tools and/or protections is his flawed war on terror. Vote NO!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

7/9/08 -Senator - It is a sad day for the Constitution you claim to stand behind! Your yes vote on FISA was a terrible mistake. There is no way you can justify that vote as anything but pandering boldly to the right and bowing to the Bush Doctrine.
This vote troubles me greatly as I believe it portends your true agenda. You are in the process of being crushed by the desire for power. When you choose to support telecommunication companies (corporations) over civil and human rights, America and the world are in great trouble. Hopefully you will not further compound your arrogance by choosing Hillary Clinton for your running mate.
Shame on you!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

7/11/08 - Senator - Thank you for your response regarding your vote on FISA. You start by saying, " Given the grave threats that we face..." Senator, the grave threats we face are in Washington! The economy is in the tank and Bush is on the ragged edge of going to war with Iran. Iran is not a threat - Bush is!
Then you say, "I have also opposed the granting of retroactive immunity to those who were allegedly complicit in acts of illegal spying in the past." If this is true, then why in God's name did you just vote to give them immunity???
You add, "But given the legitimate threats we face..." Just what are these "legitimate" threats? Bush, Chaney and their ilk are a legitimate threat and yet you voted to allow them to further trample the Constitutional Rights of Citizens of America and the World!
Obviously I am not happy with your twisted logic, but I still hope you become the next president. You conclude with, "I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives - and the liberty - of the American people." FISA and the entire Patriot Act need to be done away with. That is the only "step" you should be considering.
Thomas Daly,
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

7/23/08 - Senator - Well, now we know why you caved in and supported telecommunications immunity. Shame on you! The whole World has such high hopes for your leadership, but stories like this place a huge cloud over your ability to lead.
Thousands of people walking around Denver with Welcome Bags boldly emblazoned with the ATT logo will surly send a chilling message to the American voters about why the Democratic Party suddenly decided to throw the 4th Amendment under the bus! I hope you will take the time to read/listen to this Democracy Now program:
I'm also worried about the fact that Denver law enforcement is stocking up on all kinds of sophisticated equipment in preparation of your Convention.
Recently Denver Police arrested a little old lady for having a sign that said McCain=Bush. This arrest is totally wrong! Will there be NO free speech in Denver during the Democratic Convention?
Hopefully the Democratic Party will lay down the law to Denver Police telling them that you don't want another 1968 convention!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

7/26/08 - Senator – During your inspiring speech in Berlin you said, “That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another. The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down.”
I agree totally and only wish that you had made a similar statement during your visit to Israel and Palestine! If you believe your statement, then surely you must see the urgent need for a negotiated peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians - ALL the Palestinians! Israel must be told to tear down the walls tyranny they have imposed upon the Palestinians along with the actual separation walls they continue to build.
Speaking of walls, America must stop building walls along the border with Mexico! America is no better than Russia or Israel when walls are built to separate People! And then there is the invisible wall America has erected around Cuba. Please tear down this wall and normalize relations with Cuba.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher
7/28/08 - Senator - In a recent article I called upon you to close the Federal Reserve if you are elected President. The current atmosphere within the global financial community speaks volumes about the failure of the Federal Reserve and the complicity of the U.S. Government in allowing this sham organization to continue.
In 1934, in the throes of the Great Depression, Representative Louis McFadden stated on the Congressional record: "Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime."

His words ring even more truly today as speculation and greed march ever forward to crush the middle and lower classes of America and the World. I urge you to correct this terrible error which has lasted since 1913.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

8/24/08 – Senator Biden - Thankfully Senator Obama did not choose Hillary Clinton and I welcome you as the VP choice. However I don't believe that someone who has served 36 years as a senator is someone who represents real change. I hope I'm wrong! While I realize that "politics" prevents you and Senator Obama from saying anything negative about Israel or positive about Iran or Cuba, I hope you will seriously tackle the U.S. Government's wrongheaded position on these countries as soon as you are elected. There will never be peace in the Middle East or the World until the United States takes the position of an Honest Broker in negotiating a lasting settlement of the Israel/Palestine conflict. For too long the U.S. has allowed Israel to violate every accord. Israel is an occupying force whose continued construction of settlements on Palestinian land is clearly wrong.
Iran does not represent a real threat and I urge you to help set up urgent open negotiations between the highest levels of the U.S. and Iranian governments. And, finally, End the embargo against Cuba! Enough is enough!!
As Chairman (and a member) of the Foreign Relations Committee,you have had ample opportunity to do something positive about the U.S. position on these countries. Since I have no seen anything positive coming out of your committee, I'm hopeful that as VP you will take an active role to bring about the needed CHANGE before it's too late!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

9/13/08 - Senators - The Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday regarding a new plan to give the FBI more power under an Executive Order signed by George Bush. This is another tragic step to further erode civil liberties in America. I urge you to put a stop to this measure which is is intended to allow F.B.I. agents to be more aggressive and pre-emptive in assessing possible threats to national security.
The biggest threat to National Security in the Bush Government!
Please stop this attempt to trash the Constitution!
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

9/24/08 - Senator(s) - Please do NOT give George Bush and his "Banksters" the unlimited power they desire. Do NOT rush legislature just so Congress can get back on the campaign trail. Congress should and MUST take all the time necessary to get this crisis under control!
The following is from
I urge you to read it and to follow its plan.
Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

"George Bush wants taxpayers to give Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson a $700 billion blank check - $2,333 for every man, woman, and child - to bail out Wall Street for its reckless speculation and greed. That's on top of $1.1 trillion for Bush's other recent bailouts, including A.I.G., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Bear Stearns.

The Paulson Plan is a total outrage with no restrictions, no accountability, and no repair of the underlying problem of foreclosures on fraudulent mortgages. Each of Bush's previous bailouts was sold as a cure for the financial crisis, but each had little effect. The Paulson Plan achieves only one goal with certainty: stealing from the middle class to protect the rich.

The current financial crisis is the direct result of 28 years of rightwing Republican deregulation, corruption, and greed, which became fatally toxic under Bush-Cheney and the Republican Congress. When George Bush stole the White House in 2001, President Clinton handed him a projected 10-year surplus of $5 trillion. But Bush immediately gave $2 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, then wasted $1-3 trillion invading Iraq on the basis of lies. Now Bush demands Congress increase the national debt to $11 trillion.

Congress must reject Paulson's Plunder and enact a plan with these progressive principles from the Backbone Campaign:

A. The people who caused the problem or profited most should pay for it

1. Highly compensated executives total compensation should be capped or taxed heavily as a condition for being bailed out.

2. Tobin tax on all transactions in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate including currency transactions.

3. Government takes an equity stake, proportionate to the size of the bailout

4. Tax hedge fund managers' income

5. Accountability - fire executives of failed companies as done in the UK, and abrogate their severance packages.

6. Impose a five-year, 10 percent surtax on income over $1 million a year for couples and over $500,000 for single taxpayers.

B. Re-regulate to prevent this from happening again

1. Direct the Federal Reserve to intervene to prevent asset bubbles.

2. Extend reserve requirements to new security categories

3. Regulate the packaging of loans so they can be evaluated, rated, and priced rationally.

4. Regulate hedge funds and private equity funds in a way comparable to banks

C. Include Main Street in the bailout and invest in a new productive economy

1. Establish a moratorium on foreclosures, renegotiating mortgages or institute a rent-to-own plan to keep people in homes.

2. Create a major economic recovery package which puts Americans to work at decent wages, in productive jobs that add value to homes and communities.

3.Invest the taxes on speculation, executive compensation, and the surtax on the wealthy in clean energy, infrastructure, education, and health care."

9/28/08 - Senator - Why is it that the bailout package is being negotiated in private? Why is this discussion not in public? On CSPAN?

Why is it that no one will clearly state what the consequences really are if this bailout is not passed? Everyone dances around the questions! Is it just smoke and mirrors or does someone have actual proof that the sky is falling?

Why is it that Congress is so willingly believing Bush and Paulson about this so-called crisis? I watched the House and Senate hearings and learned nothing about the real cause.

Why is it that the investors who purchased these "bad" investments are not being held accountable? No one has offered to help me with my mutual funds which have decreased 58% or my property values which have decreased 25%.

Why is the 106 page report not easily available online so ordinary Americans can read it?

Why the rush? Will we soon have something akin to the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act or the FISA Act?

It's a sad time for America and the World! And it's particularly sad because it appears that the Republicans will probably get away with blaming the Democrats for this latest crisis!

Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

9/28/08 - Senator - In your first debate there was nothing definitive said about:

The Israel/Palestine problem

Immigration, the Mexican border and the "Berlin" Wall being constructed there

NAFTA and its disastrous effects

Latin America

The totally unjust Cuban Blockade

The erosion of Civil Rights in the name of Foreign Policy

Obviously the list goes on. Perhaps you can figure out a way to address these important issues in the upcoming debates.

Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

9/30/08 - Senator - In the upcoming debates, when the subject of nuclear power is brought up, and John McCain again says he supports the construction of 45 new plants, ask him if he will allow and support placing spent nuclear fuel in Arizona.

You need to be more direct and hard-hitting in your responses to McCain's statements. If he comes back at you and asks if you would allow spent fuel in Illinois, tell him NO, not until scientists figure out an absolutely safe way to store this long lasting hazardous material.

Also, I believe you should explore and talk about other alternative sources for ethanol, such as switch grass and hemp. America is in a financial crisis because of lousy regulation. The same can be said about using corn and soy for ethanol production. This is definitely driving up the cost of food, animal feed, and many other products. The need for many fertilizers and the toxic runoff from many crops is having a disastrous effect on America's water supply.

Thomas Daly
Retired California Newspaper Publisher

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