Throw the Bums Out - Vote Out All Incumbents

Thomas Daly

It has become evident that out Life, our Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness have been jeopardized beyond endurance by the willful acts of a political elite which has betrayed our Common Welfare, the Promise of the Constitution, and the Meaning of America.

Although ever posing as the country's – and the people's – central but divergent legislative forum, Congress and the Senate have long been deceptively converted into a distant, tightly guarded conclave, wholly dedicated to its own perpetual incumbency as a despotic national directorate; a ruling aristocracy, embracing none but inculcated and pre-indentured Republicans and Democrats.

Central to their power is the unrestrained capacity to surreptitiously bleed-off, and confiscate an ever larger measure of productive people's earnings and thus abridge their right to acquire property and the validly of unencumbered private ownership.

Today it is the flagrant encroachment upon the people's constituted rights that reveals a design to reduce the populace into divided, non-cohesive clusters of politically muzzled factions, stripped of common will.

The People's given right to freely choose their representatives has been artfully debased. Vast streams of clouded money - hundreds of millions annually – soiled by pandering and graft determine who will run and who will not, who is to be supported and who is not. Party labels notwithstanding, money is then laundered into the campaigns of those deemed to have honed the slickest tongues with which to bedazzle an already stupefied electorate. Those perceived to pose a threat to common goals and welfare of Congress as a two-faced ruling dynasty need not apply.

Because the average citizen is no longer able to buy into the high stakes game, We, the People, have become the fodder on which politicians feed.

Primary elections have come to be a mocking ruse which limits ballot entry to highly-financed, consummate political practitioners, all party loyalists. Candidates for Congress and the Senate with few exceptions, are predisposed by money-raking party overlords and their wide ranging cohorts. Voter opinion is deemed disruptive, a menace to the system, and has effectively been rendered impotent. The electorate, as such, has been goaded into political captivity where it is still allowed to vote in general elections – but only as to the cut and color of the uniforms the guards will wear.

At this point both houses of Congress, conceived to be the lungs by which freedom breathes, are deadly cancers in the weakened body of democracy.

America's industrial economy, backbone of all the people's being, is critically injured, sick and bleeding; it needs transfusions and intensive care, not placebos and a sedative. Once freed from bureaucratic lording and politically licensed plunder, the economy will be able to recuperate and provide a decent, justly earned living for all Americans able and willing to participate, as well as adequately cater to deserving social needs.

America's recovery will not originate in Moscow, Baghdad, Kabul, Tel Aviv, Rio, Munich, Tokyo, Madrid, or Mexico City; it must be mounted in the silenced halls of industry, the shuttered factories, throughout the towns and cities of America.

For most all incumbents of either party to run for reelection amidst the present economic turmoil, grinding unemployment, budgets based on borrowed funds, smoldering civil unrest, and lack of public confidence in Congress, shows a degree of insolence that is incompatible with conscientious, innovative, and beneficial governance. Pointing at performance, claiming character and courage, honesty, vision, expertise and leadership, is, at best, perplexing, if not a rankling recitation of patent falsehoods.

A universal lack of purpose, insight and awareness can no longer be obscured, tolerated or ignored. Such glaring absence of fundamental human values has made for farcical theatrics to assume the role of just and prudent leadership. Their misconduct, their skewed morals – not the people's – have broken families and torn the ethics, the moral fiber of society.

Politicians of either stripe with sights on Congress or the Senate, now in search of votes, all are running far behind the times. Millions of workers, still gainfully employed, know how close they have been led to the threshold of uncertainty beyond which lie deprivation, loss of property and income, shattered dreams and poverty. Constituents in general, young and old alike, are bitterly aware how their lives have been distorted, that they have been robbed and lied to, that instead of Masters, they have come to be the underlings, the bullied servants of those they elected and hired to guard their common welfare and handle the affairs of state. No longer is the lesser of two evils good enough.

This is not a time of women or men, of Republicans or Democrats, of liberals, conservatives, or moderates; not a time of the rich, the poor, or the middle class. It is the time of All the People, from those who live in boundless comfort to those who sleep and scrabble for existence on the streets. Now is the time for All of the People to quell their disagreements about a myriad of vital issues, however pressing, and assess what bootless governance, when unattended, has done to our common home – our Country, and what it has done to all of us. Now is the time in which We, the People, must protect that home against ongoing destruction from within.

If American Democracy is to survive, the People, using their power of choice and the vote, must revoke the license of those in and about government who mishandle the affairs of of these United States and becloud the future of its people; of those who hope to lead the people into an ever darker tunnel of economic vagary in which to stumble but not walk; of those who endorse the notion that distant glimmers of a thousand points of light presage the brilliance of renewed prosperity and social comfort; of those who persecute the people under the guise of being public servants; and, of those associate members of society who, in their avid quest for parasitic living, build paperwork engendering careers aimed at ever tapping deeper into the wealth created by the productive sectors of the populace.

Short of redress, We, the People, will sink ever deeper into the morass of crushing debt and economic bondage, supervised and subjugated by a growing, nonproductive, non-elective ruling class, a newly fashioned form of tyranny – somewhat cushioned but almost absolute – authorized by a condescending Congress to spread across the land and impound the people's property and freedom, increment by increment. Congress represents a new-age despotism, disguised as civil service and administrative oversight. That such omnipotent control of people and their property is requisite in order to promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our progeny, is a proposition based upon gross deception and calculated fraud.

To prove these, and other allegations, let facts and simple figures be submitted to a keen and candid audience.

Congress and the Senate have consistently funded – and so sanctioned – the rapidly accelerating growth of ordinary agencies of governance into a super-incumbent upper house of bureaucratic lords, not subject to election or, even remotely, the people's will. They have created an impenetrable fortress of monolithic, faceless power of a far more sweeping and impudent nature than any ever fielded by a British king. Congress and the Senate have relegated formative and long-range planning of ever more freedom-curbing and intrusive socioeconomic engineering schemes to a bloated, in-house congressional bureaucracy. From a nucleus of skillful legislative aides, essential to prudent and constructive governance, it has long since been perverted into an ivory-towered complex with countless thousands of minions, replete with hordes of academic theoreticians, sophomoric technocrats, legal wranglers, budget jugglers, spin specialists, and others of like ilk.

Less impelled by party root, principle, or conscience, than by lucrative careers in power brokering, they match the wants of countless richly-funded private combines and power-craving bureaucrats with those of of their indecent, money-hungry Congress. Pending bills are suitably modified, obtuse clauses, loopholes, and exemptions added, to facilitate the prescripts of double-dealing and extrinsic interference with the legislative process. Congress and the Senate, in contempt of their constituents, gather up the necessary votes to accommodate the fraudulence by trading past and future cash-producing indiscretions.

Rather than accept the tenet that all men are created equal, they decided to selectively enforce it. They pass laws of seizure, as a simple means toward the process. They choose to capture wealth for political objectives, rather than spur growth which would benefit all.

Congress and the Senate have methodically deformed the people into electronically managed semi-puppets, computerized and marked by bar code and number, their daily lives affected by fatiguing tugs from a multitude of strings they can sense but neither see nor fully comprehend.

They have zealously conspired to interrupt, constrict, and divert the natural flow of capital; in doing so they tampered with, choked, and badly damaged the wellhead of productive energy from which all prosperity must rise. These and other aggressions into and against a free economy have wreaked havoc in the market place, undermined the people's confidence, and their ability to look beyond the present and project their lives into a future they dare trust.

They have decreed redistribution of untold confiscated wealth to, ostensibly, wage and win the war on poverty; they spread and deepen poverty instead. The poor and those considered poor have been corralled, cataloged, and officiously diverted from the productive mainstream of society; reentry, and a chance to prosper, not totally discouraged, but rendered much less feasible than staying in the welfare bind. The poor have thus been converted into a permanent, concubine-like underclass, kept, and halfheartedly supported by well-paid masters in the bureaucratic art of parasitic living. Those declining to be kept, or found disruptive to the paperwork-clogged system are classified as homeless, and largely left to spotted care by points of light in the private sector. Regulated poverty grows on, so do the wealth-consuming legions of its keepers.

They have subserved and bore witness to the ongoing implosion of countless financial institutions. They failed to timely act when early signs of rampant speculation and frenzied plunder of insured deposits and retirement plans signaled imminent collapse. Instead, they chose to dawdle and slink away from rapid intervention by which to minimize the loss of public funds. Their clever deregulation and failure at oversight have led to the largest, and still growing, financial scandal ever, placing impossible burdens upon the shoulders of the working populace. To forestall more traumatizing impact on the economy and market-shocking increases of the budget deficit which could upset their quest for reelection, hundreds of insolvent banks, including major ones, are shielded from remedial sale or closure and permitted to continue operation while ingesting copious amounts of borrowed funds. The broadening crisis is left festering, to be dealt with later, when the incumbent Congress deems itself less vulnerable to instant repercussions to be suffered in the voting booths. Trillions handed out and no new regulations to prevent the further collapse.

They have commingled trust fund income with common revenue receipts. To keep abreast of current pension obligations, worker's earnings are to be taxed at an ever growing rate with younger workers slated to be victimized most cruelly.

They have obscured and circumvented bankrupt economic leadership with distracting legislative schemes avowed as giving rise to a more harmonious society, greater social justice, and renewed prosperity for all. Under that scenario, they pass patronizing, “bipartisan” concocted laws, prone to years of litigation, lending a quasi-economic edge to their chosen interest groups above all other segments of the populace. Confusing amendments are attached to primary bills that have absolutely nothing to do with that bill. No longer with the people, new-age economic power and its benefits now lie with predatory, counterproductive packs of wealth-absorbing academic specialists in the many fields of bureaucratic interference, working under great duress by those they are supposed to advise and regulate. Their bandage legislation can and will not compensate for years of reckless bleeding which foreboded tragedy. Every national poll shows a majority of Americans favor Universal Health Care. The same polls show that they are against any escalation of the war in Afghanistan. The incumbents in Washington have chosen to ignore the People's wishes. It's as if the People did not exist.

They have legislated education into a state of utter wretchedness from which young Americans are forced to graduate as semi-functioning illiterates.

They have, in reciprocity and unison, wasted interminable billions on ego-centered projects in their own districts. Public benefit, if any, is mostly spurious, if not symbolic, but pointed at as living proof that something – a bridge to nowhere - was accomplished in return for taxes paid.

They have, based almost entirely upon proven lies or exaggerations, allowed America to be dragged into wars and conflicts, killing thousands of American troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent foreign civilians; wars which have benefited numerous defense contractors and mercenary organizations at the expense of American capital and goodwill. These wars are more akin to road rage with America the ultimate loser. You cannot promote democracy at the point of a gun or by supporting corrupt governments. Rather than make America safer, they have fostered hatred and mistrust for anything American. The money squandered could easily fund a Universal Health Plan which would give affordable health care to every person living in America. It could also fund the Green Revolution which will wean America off its sorrowful dependence on foreign oil, while fostering a reversal of global warming and produce millions of new jobs.

For decades now they have waged an endless war on drugs at a cost of billions. They also wage a corresponding multi-billion dollar war on crime and raging public violence. Both wars are fought with little thought addressed to causes, less to remedies; neither one contains the enemy, and both are close to being lost. Jails and prisons are overflowing with a greater number of convicts, relative to population, than any other country in the world. The revolving door policy will spill unimpeded crime and violence back onto the streets, and domestic tranquility will yet erode more rapidly as anxiety and fear place a tighter grip on law-abiding citizens.

Congress and the Senate routinely trash the Constitution, but run for its cover and protection when caught scoffing at the laws they made. Recent in-house scandals make that very clear. Past hearings such as those held for the slaughter on the Branch Dividians in Waco or the deaths at Ruby Ridge fail to enact new legislation to control law enforcement organizations who are thriving under a lack of regulations which gives them almost dictatorial powers. After being told that every surviving Dividian had been found innocent of all charges, the Senate investigating committee still maintained that the U.S. was totally justified and continued to support the agents responsible for slaughtering innocent men, women, and children and destroying the evidence of the agent's guilt. America turns a blind eye to jack-booted, militarized policing in America – such as the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburgh - while complaining loudly if these same jack-booted, and often American-trained, police are caught red-handed mistreating innocent civilians in the act of “crowd control” in foreign countries. During the recent elections in Iran U.S. news media and agencies such as the State Department praised the use of Twitter by Iranian protesters. In Pittsburgh protesters were arrested for doing exactly the same thing. As free speech disappears and support for any protest in America is being criminalized, it is time for Jury Nullification to be used to protest these wrongful prosecutions. Bad laws such as the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act have severely eroded American's civil rights. The 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments have all been trashed. The Patriot Act, as passed, was a substitute bill never read by so much as one Congressman. Congress and the Senate refuse to correct this or enact meaningful legislation simply because they are afraid of being labeled “soft on crime” and they fear their loss of incumbency far more than they respect the rights of the people.

They have masterminded the pauperization of America, its capital drained off and laid to waste. Depleted by misfeasance from within, this onetime richest and most envied industrial society on earth, today, no longer able to self-regenerate, depends on ever larger high-cost loans from foreign shores to pay the price of living in a world of fiscal fantasy.

We have reached a point where people are no longer people, they are the pummeled clay baked into stepping stones on which chronic politicians climb and claw up to the fertile heights of party-power where looting from the productive masses is a venerable craft.

We, the People must hold ourselves accountable for the deplorable status of political affairs which has spun this nation into spiraling decline. We , no longer willing pawns of those who have betrayed our trust, must now purge the trenches of Congress and remove encrusted excrement, accumulated rot, and stench of both Republican and Democratic power politics. We must elect a vanguard of politically independent, prudent and clear-brained leaders to form the bridgehead of stability, moral integrity, common sense, and indelible commitment to replace the cesspool of greed, corruption and incompetence. We, and we alone, do have the power to hold onto America and pull it back from the quicksand of economic degradation, poverty and debt. We must use that power now – before our time runs out.

We need to seek, designate, vote for, and elect candidates, not from party ranks, but from among the governed, the electorate, the real people of America. We need to support people - free from party bonds, debts and benefits - people unbeholden to trite and yet to be proven creeds and crossbred dogmas. No Republican or Democratic candidates, including those who might unseat incumbents, are immune to the malignancy imbued in loosely wrapped corruption which is passed from hand to hand and freely crosses party lines.

The collective voice of the 100 million eligible voters who failed to cast votes in 2008 could easily have cleaned the House and Senate of its incumbency. Their collective absence, however, rather than indicative of heavy opposition and mass refusal to associate with politics and government in all its forms, has been wrongheadedly adjudged, by those in power, to be a passive vote of confidence, consent, and approbation. If Americans will take up the challenge to find and support independent candidates they will find a country that is governed for, not against the people.

The elections in 2010 offer the opportunity for America to express the awesome and profound preeminence of dormant voting power. We need those 100 million non voters to come forth, be counted, register, vote, by write-in if needed, for independent, non-party candidates, and help create a groundswell of conviction to eradicate the political pollution that is poisoning the lifeblood of America. We need, as a nation, to stand on our rock solid belief and absolute conviction that workable, affordable, and rational solutions to America's petrifying plights can be readily found with the men and women who live, walk, and function on the streets of America, rather than those currently enthroned in the party palaces of Washington, D.C. We need candidates whose primary conviction lies with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; candidates not unduly influenced by their chosen religion or by gender bias.

Candidates who come from working America know the issues all too well. They know what insecurity and pain, deficits, high taxes and red tape, shoddy education and resulting crime rates, drugs and poverty, street gangs, riots, bankrupt farms and industries, home foreclosures, homelessness and vanished jobs are all about. They are distressingly aware that leading party office seekers also know, but ignore or skirt those issues – except when clamoring for more votes.

The entire system has been thoroughly corrupted and is beyond the mending stage; it needs to be dismantled, cleansed, and restructured from the ground up. No longer can we hope that party-trained political careerists will undo the harm inflicted on the economic fabric of society by years of sophistry and scandalous misgovernance.

Our candidates will, indeed, be inexperienced. They will not know how to make misleading governance appear to be productive. They will not know how to make a speech and say absolutely nothing. They will not know how to twist their words so “yes” means “no” and “no” is “yes,” and “never” perhaps “maybe.” They will not have tried their hand at running a big nation; neither did the Founding Fathers when they set out to build a brand new nation against all odds, while embroiled in war and without a yet to be written Constitution. And the Founding Fathers did well.

Note: This essay is adapted from one that an associate and I  wrote two decades ago. Unfortunately America has continued in its downward spiral. Hopefully this rewrite will stimulate a desire for real Change. (10/09/09 - 3489 words)

Thomas Daly is a retired printer and California newspaper publisher who continues to write Thoughts For A Better World on his website 

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